Jamie’s work centres around the notion of storytelling. Drawing on ideas from history and folklore, he is interested in the persistence of stories and their relevance to humanity. Looking towards an expanded understanding of documentary within contemporary photography he feels it is important to engage with subjects in a number of ways, not being afraid to confront, collaborate with and record the experiences he has. 

Jamie has received a BA(hons) in Documentary Photography from the University of Newport, and an MA in Photography from UWE, Bristol. He also works on commissions and as an associate lecturer.

Selected Clients include The Princes Foundation Magazine, Building Britain, Hoko, Bristol UWE and The Financial Times.

Contact  |  jamieemurray@icloud.com  |  07919896059

Social  |  @jamieemurray

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Metro Threshold Award


Exhibitions | Features | Awards

2019 - Magenta Flash Forward Award.

2019 - Loupe Magazine Exhibition, London, UK.

2019 - Libraryman Award (Shortlisted)

2019 - Tellers. Martin Parr Foundation, UK.

2019 - Alec Soth Workshop Selection, Fotofilmic, CA.

2019 - Format Festival, Derby, UK.

2019 - Royal Photographic Society International Print Exhibition 161, Touring, UK.

2018 - Chromatic Awards (Honourable Mention)

2018 - Aint-Bad (online)

2018 - Scholar, Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust.

2018 - Portrait Salon 18, London, UK.

2018 - Aint-Bad, Issue No 13 (print)

2018 - Threshold Award (winner), Metro Imaging, London, UK.

2018 - Momentum, Comodo64, Turin, IT.

2018 - F-Stop Magazine (online)

2018 - Foundations, Martin Parr Foundation, Bristol, UK.

2018 - Momentum, Manifesta 12, Palermo, IT.

2015 - Open for Business, Multi-story x Magnum, Newport, UK.

2014 - Nato Summit, Newport, UK.

2014 - BJP, August 2014 Issue (print)

2014 - Secvente Festival, Ploesti, RO.

2014 - Thin White Line, Issue No 2 (print)

2013 - The Winding House, Diffusion Festival, Cardiff, UK.