Submission: RPS IPE 161 (Selected)

I have entered the Royal Photographic Society’s International Print Exhibition a few times before but not been selected. I feel it is a similar competition in that respect to the Taylor Wessing, I will probably continue to submit images every year. It feels mildly cut-throat to say this but upon seeing that out of the judges I knew three of them in some respect I hoped it would hold me in good stead.

I submitted a selection from Albatross, six in total. Of which five were shortlisted and four selected for the final exhibition due to be toured through 2019/20. Information here

It was nice to see that Jack Latham wrote a piece of text about the work to go alongside it in the exhibition.

‘This body of work took a while to reveal itself. On the surface, what appear to be Navy Men at work slowly echo into something far more troubling. The typical themes of masculinity and vulnerability are plentiful in these images, but this series, for me, suggested a perspective that is ever present though rarely explored. An image of a uniform hung by rope draws a sobering reminder that of all suicides by servicemen 52% are by hanging. This body of work would be easy to glance over as typical reportage, yet during the process of selection I kept finding myself drawn back to them. They attempt to photograph the elephant in the room; the toxicity in masculinity.’

Untitled 29, from the series Albatross.jpg