Submission: Metro Threshold (Winner)

The Metro Threshold was an interesting call for me to enter. As much of my work is based on the idea of relationships between images, to enter a single image contest often feels a disservice to imagery. However moving forward I have been focusing on creating images that can act in a standalone manner as well as supporting each other, and with my portrait of Soul defining my current work I thought this would be a good moment to put something together around this portrait. The prizes included an exhibition in Metro’s entrance area (a very busy place for photographers), £1000 print credit and a mentorship with Steve Macleod.

My submission can be seen below.

“You do jobs to get out of your cell. To do stuff. Other than that, your banged up all the time. Weekends are the worst in prison, you’re just banged up. I used to hate Sunday.”

My interest in documenting modern institutions defines my practice. Moving through topics such as warships, prisons and boarding schools, I aim to interrogate and represent the varying aspects of these environments utilising a number of techniques relating to the notion of documentary. This particular image shows Soul, an ex-prisoner. Rather than making work limited to my interpretation of this environment, these portraits alongside the individuals stories who experienced prison, aim to better represent the modern myth of incarceration.

I was shortlisted and exhibited for this award and then was incredibly happy to be selected as the overall winner! I am yet to use the £1000 credit however I have had an initial meeting with Steve in which we have talked through putting me in touch with a number of galleries, agencies etc. However first Steve is setting up a meeting with his gallery in which I will take my materials as a practice in advance of going to anyone else so that they can give me advice and tips on anything that I could change about how I present my materials. Similarly I have agreed with Steve to go to agencies a few months into this year as I would like to produce a more commercial body of work that can go in as a portfolio piece alongside my two primary projects. I will talk about this in another post.


Also I was interviewed by the team at Metro which I have included below.