Submission: Aint-Bad (Selected)

The Aint-Bad submission was one I felt was well worth the money. Thirty curators (a selection of editors, publishers, photographers and educators) would each select two photographers to be interviewed for the magazine. Even if you weren’t selected for the magazine then the Aint-Bad team would select 100 people to be featured on the website/instagram. There seemed to be a good vibe coming from their want to include a high number of individuals and the range of ‘curators’ they had chosen. Having seen their magazine before I knew it would be made to a good quality and I had known of them for a fair amount of time. Also their submission included up to 20 images, which I thought was a great amount to really showcase Albatross and give it a chance in one of these large open calls.

I was lucky to be both selected for the magazine by Paloma Shutes (the Photo Editor of the California Sunday Magazine), and by the team for the online feature.