Context: Next Body of Work

Moving forward I am still looking towards working in a school. A rough outline of my intent can be seen in my application to the Jerwood prize here. I have been going about getting access in my usual manner. I don’t enjoy blanket e-mailing as something about it feels very forced so I singled out three schools/ways in to try to begin with (specifically related to boys boarding schools).


Marlborough run an artist in residence programme which I have been in touch with their head of art about. They have darkrooms and Mr Twohig (the head of art) seems positive towards the idea of having a photographer there. The applications open in February through March. 

Bloxham School

When on HMS Daring I became friends with an officer in training called Oliver, we have stayed in touch and he is helping me to put on an exhibition in the men’s clubs in London. After asking him about his experience of school Oliver seems to think that he could put me in touch with someone at Bloxham School, this is ongoing. 

Harrow School

Harrow school looked like the type of place I would find interesting to shoot. It was the first on the list so I thought I would get in touch with them. I am awaiting a call from the head teacher that I will follow up on come February if I don’t hear anymore, but I do not feel rushed in this. 

I am open to whatever direction this work may go in, the work doesn’t have to be in an all-male boarding school, it could be in any type of school, I am just waiting for the right opportunity to present itself. It may be the case that I cannot get this straight in my head until I have fully resolved Folly and its constituent parts, but I am continuing with thought and initial steps around this next work. Working with the Tannery has also relieved some pressure from rushing this process, meaning I have something to work on in the meantime.