Submission: Hyeres Villa Noailles (Through to physical submission) & C/O Berlin (Nomination)

I can’t often say that I enjoy submitting to awards however I have potentially found a way of submitting that keeps me engaged and excited about what I could be sending across. Sending a mixture of physical items just seems to suit my work and with a combination of the Albatross and Folly work I feel they both speak louder together. This potentially could be first seen in my submission to Format (though not a physical submission it referenced the material with pictures of the Albatross dummy and consideration of the book at the object).

The initial requirements of the Hyeres Villa Noailles submission was 20 pictures total (from two bodies of work) and a completed form with various questions. The form can be seen here and the photographs I chose are shown below. 

I decided I would focus on producing the best results for this submission as I could, so I spent a few days in the darkroom producing 11 new hand prints of a small edit of the folly work to be scanned for submission. This worked well as I had been planning to make a number of each print so that I had good quality prints to send out/sell, I printed about 15 of each image. I then chose 9 images from Albatross that best represented that work and complemented the images from Folly.

Selected artists after this stage were then asked to send across a physical rendition of this submission with prints and any references to artist books we may have (but not the books themselves). Luckily, I had made multiple copies of the prints, so I was able to put a set of these 11 together and add them to my 9 albatross prints. I also included a page showing images of my Albatross artist book. You can see further evidence of this below. 

Whilst producing these materials for the Hyeres Villa Noailles submission I received the e-mail shown below nominating me for the C/O Berlin Talent Award. I am very grateful to my nominator. The submission was very similar.

Screenshot 2019-01-07 at 15.54.10.png

This time it was prints from one project and a publication of your work. I showed hand prints from Folly and added one of the simpler Albatross dummy’s I have made to the package (they had advised not to send originals as they could not be returned).

I was also lucky that I had recently been planning the packaging materials for when I am making lots of prints/books that need to be sent out and had received a lot of these to sample from a German based company. Both of these submissions were sent out at the end of December and without dwelling on them I look forward to hearing the results of both awards.