Submission: Chromatic Awards (Honourable Mention)

I submitted to Chromatic Awards on a little bit of an entry spree. I saw the winner could win £2000 and thought it was worth a punt. When I was going back through my entries I was looking to see the quality of the winners of competitions and came across my Honourable Mention on their website. I had no idea I had got an honourable mention as they had not got in touch. Nice to hear, but it’s funny that this lack of professionalism came from a competition I had been dubious about entering from the outset. It makes me question the worth of submitting to all of these various competitions and how much it is actually worth it. Though I don’t want to be too precious I feel I should follow my instincts with what should be entered based on where I think my work should be and what is deserves. 

Screenshot 2019-01-13 at 14.29.36 copy.jpg