Submission: Momentum At Minimum X Der Greif (Selected)

Having followed Der Greif for a while I keep an eye on their open calls (usually free), and this one popped up and looked like an interesting way to get my work shown. it’s theme, loosely based on migration, also felt appropriate for the nature of my work in a less than obvious way. I submitted three images from Albatross and the image of the marines working out on the deck of the ship was selected by Salvatore Vitale.

You can see the article of the initial selection and the various ways they were displayed here.


What was really interesting about this call is the amount of physical exhibitions that have happened since the initial showing. After showing the collage Minimum studio took the individual photos, framed them and showed them at Manifesta 12 in Palermo, an art and culture Bienalle, and then at Comodo64 in Turin.


This meant that along with the online gallery the image was shown physically as part of the group show three times.