Context: Thoughts after looking at Luigi Ghirri/Guido Guidi's work

“My duty is to see with clarity” – Luigi Ghirri


To attempt to describe what I photograph is to attempt to describe attraction. Attraction is not love, longing or agreement. Nor is it rooted in any sense of logic. It is more akin to the word interest. The type of things, places or people you would like to point towards. I do not point with understanding or intent. I point with question and endeavour. As such the act of pointing in photography creates a picture that was made out of the will to question the subject. The single photo is a relic of the question.

To continue this process is to build on these questions, to create conversations between them. This is where you must trust your intuition, it will take you to places you do not understand at first but will ultimately be an honest representation of your interrogation of the world around you. 

At this point rather than moving at the pace of the world, you slow down. The world moves ahead in time, and you remain with your pictures. They help slow your train of thought and increase understanding of a specific moment of experience. You have not been left behind, you have simply moved along a different axis.