Submissions: Not Received

So far I have been writing up submissions that I have been selected for or ones that I am awaiting results from but these are by no means all the of the submissions I have been making. I have decided to combine all the submissions I have not received, some with more of a write up than others. Generally all of these have had a selection of between 5 and 15 images from either of the Folly or Albatross series, with the standard texts used for both. I will state if the submission differs from this.  


These images were taken on the HMS Daring whilst the warship and her crew sailed home from active deployment. The ship travelled back from the Persian Gulf via the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. Sailing back from conflict and unsafe waters there was a feeling somewhere between tiredness and resilience, at once romantic and foreboding, a quiet discordant ambience that ran through the sailors, soldiers and their ship, waiting to get home. 


This work came about through a series of conversations with individuals who have been incarcerated. Within these conversations the ex-prisoners spoke of what led them to punishment, how they navigated the prison environment, and their eventual transition from institution to freedom. 

Less interested in a traditional documentary approach I instead wanted to hear the stories told by those who had experienced prison firsthand, an approach more akin to a folklorist. The works made include portraits and other images informed by the stories told.

Der Greif (Alessia Glaviano, World Photography Organisation, Siobhán Bohnacker, Tim Clarke)

Every month, Der Greif run a free open call in which an individual selects a number of images to be shown on the Der Greif website. Sometimes this is an open call for their print magazine. I have listed which selectors I have applied for above. Sadly I was not selected for these however when I met Tim Clarke at Photo Meet he remembered two of the images from Albatross, even suggesting that he thought he had picked them. I feel this shows the importance of continuing to submit. Images seem to work by attrition, the more times someone see’s your image, the more they register it. 



The Jerwood/Photoworks award was a big submission for me. Though I try not to put too much weight on specific entries, the overall feel of this competition is one of being very supportive to the artists they select. Along with this you also receive Mentoring, a touring exhibition, and up to £15,000 in funding. Sadly I was not selected but I have included my written proposal here, this was submitted alongside an artist CV and the images shown above.

Lensculture and Portrait of Humanity 

I decided to not enter any of the Lensculture awards or the BJP Portrait of Humanity competition. Both of these were simple the weight of my opinion outweighing the worth of the competitions. Lensculture seem to be taking advantage of photographers and from information I have received they seem to get thousands of submissions, something I would only be willing to combat if the competition suited my work to a T or the judges looked very interesting. Something about the Portrait of Humanity competition just didn’t sit well with me, I would like to go into more detail as to why but at this moment it is something, I am trying to make sense of. First and foremost, I thought it didn’t quite suit the sentiment of my imagery and it would be throwing my images to the wind.  

Other Submissions

Krakow Photomonth (TBA)

Grand Prix Fotofestiwal (TBA)

Kris Graves Lost ii (Not selected)

Getxophoto Open Call (Not selected)

Capricious Photo Award (Not Selected)

Parallel Open Call (Not Selected)

Landskrona Foto Festival (Not selected)

Fotoroom submissions (Not Selected)

Portraits Hellerau (Not Selected)

Sony world Photography (TBA)